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Concert Tivoli Utrecht December 24, 2022

Performance as part of Rabo Open Winter Stage.

Concert Drommedaris Enkhuizen June 9, 2022

We performed this evening in the Drombar of the Drommedaris in Enkhuizen. We had a nice audience and it turned out to be a wonderful jazzy evening. The Drombar is a very atmospheric place to play. Thank you for your hospitable reception.


Concert ArtiShock Soest June 11, 2023

We opened the afternoon with less common  jazz standards such as Nardis and Invitation. We managed to create a nice atmosphere and vibe again. Very nice when you feel good about each other as a band and give each other the space to get the best out of yourself. It was a warm and sultry afternoon with beautiful musical contributions from the session musicians. We look back on a nice afternoon with lots of musical inspiration. 

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